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Pick a sport and see schedules, lines, odds and prop bets to challenge your friends

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Drop the annoying text chains. Invite your friends and start DMs or group chats in-app.

Challenge your friends

Your friends think their team will beat yours? Choose your side and challenge your friends!

Keep tabs and settle up

Manage your ledger against your friends and settle up when your debts have been collected!

Why Mad Props?

Free to Use

Mad Props is free to use. No banks, no credit cards. You define your currency. Read more about it here.

Legal & Compliant

Mad Props is not a Sportsbook but rather a robust bet management app. As a result of our business model we are 100% legal and compliant anywhere you can download the app.

Easy Setup

All it takes is a phone number to sign up and start using the app

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mad Props?

Mad Props is a free-to-play, peer-to-peer social betting app. Chat and make friendly bets with your friends on sporting events. Track your results and follow along to live game updates!

What is required to create a Mad Props account?

All you need is to download the Mad Props app from the Apple App Store, Google Play App Store or use the Web App and use your phone number, Google, or Apple log in to create an account and create a user name.

How do I invite people to bet with?

From the Chat tab, clicking the '+' icon in the top right and you can select the "Invite Users" to generate a unique link to sent to yoour friends and start bettinng!

What is a manual bet?

A manual bet type is one with a user-defined wager or bet description. The bet creator can manually type in and describe the bet they wish to propose to another user. 
In return, rather than the bet resolving automatically like you would see a sporting event bet like Over/Under, these manual bets require the bet creator and/or the bet taker to use an honor system to determine who won/lost the bet by selecting “I Won”, “I Lost” or “Push” on the bet card. 
In order for a bet to transition from Active to Closed, one of the users must select “I Lost”. If a user selects “I Won”, it will remain in Active until the other party selects “I Lost”. If there is a disagreement, it is up to the parties to work it out via chat and come to a conclusion and change their selection on the bet card.

For a pushed bet, both parties must select “Push” for the bet to transition to closed.

How do I settle my ledger with a friend?

Once a bet transitions to Closed it will appear in your ledger tab. There you will see a list of users you have completed bets with. The ledger will keep tabs of the balance you have with them. If they owe you, it’ll be green, if you owe them, it will be red.

Once you and the other user agree to reset the balance, the user who is owed (green) will be able to Click on Settled and Settle All Wagers to reset it to 0. If you owe, you will have to discuss with the other user in order to clear the balance. This is to prevent someone from clearing it without the party who is owed knowing.

Nudging a user will trigger a push notification to the other user letting them know you are waiting for their action. This can only be done once in a 24 hour period to prevent spamming.

Does Mad Props use real money?

Simply put, no. There is no real money that gets deposited or withdrawn from the Mad Props app. Mad Props is more of a marketplace for bets among peers than a sportsbook.

Is Mad Props legal?

Yes. Mad Props is legal wherever you can download the app.

What can I bet on?

Currently, we support NBA, NFL, NCAAB, and MLB. Within those sports, we offer a variety of bet types including spreads, over/under, money lines, and player props. The player props vary from sport to sport.

If you do not see a bet type you like, we have manual props which is a user-defined bet (anything you can think up) that is resolved through the honor system of both the creator and the bet taker choosing who won/lost.

How do I place a bet?

The Games tab allows you to view the different leagues and the scheduled games for the selected date. You can browse our selection of game odds and simply tap a game line to propose that bet. Selecting a specific event will provide you with a list of player props to select from.

Once you select a bet, you can determine the risk (or action), who you will send it to, and add any media if you decide to.
You can adjust the odds of the bet or the odds of the wager. When you make adjustments to the Risk section, whether it be the unit you’re betting, odds or the To Win values, you’ll see the values dynamically to change to update according to your adjustments.

Once you Send your bet proposal it’ll appear in the DM or group chat you selected. The other user(s) will be able to Accept or Reject it.

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